Visual Concept / Graphic Design

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

During the renewal of their building, the Stedelijk Museum was not able to publicly showcase their collection. They didn't want to withhold their most iconic pieces from the public for such a long time and as an alternative they asked artists and designers to come up with ways to showcase these pieces in public. Of course the originals could not be exhibited outside of a highly protected space, so the participants experimented with mimicry and appropriation to interpreted them in new ways.

Researching the possibilities and consequences of ways of reproduction, I came across the highly iconic photograph ‘Kolobrzeg, Poland 26 July 26th (1992)’ by Rineke Dijsktra. It struck me how many images I could find of this artwork, but not two seemed to be the same. They differed in color, cropping, quality and were sometimes even depicted mirrored. I collected as many reproductions as I could find in magazines, newspapers, books and on the internet. I reproduced these reproductions while maintaining their original color, size etc. By putting them next to each other on one medium, all of a sudden the absence of the original becomes painfully clear.